Our global network of photographers can provide you with the people, places, props, wardrobe, and styling you need to complete your project, even in these difficult times. Click on any name to see more information about each photographer.

Alexander Thomas

Updated 7 January 2021
COVID 19 initially effected my production efforts heavily. However, after the CDC released protocol, my studio has remained open with a much smaller team that is regularly tested and an area that is frequently cleaned according to current guidelines. My team remains masked and socially distant during production, and talent is only unmasked during shooting.

Shravya Kag

Updated 6 January 2021
I am Shravya Kag, a brown queer photographer currently living in Brooklyn. Grateful to be creating even during the pandemic. I have made editorial photo and video work (socially distanced and virtual) for The NYT and other South Asian publications and have documented my solitude at home during the lockdown. I work solo with a limited team when required.

Francesco Majo

Updated 6 January 2021
Francesco Majo is a photographer / director pioneer of the food and lifestyle photography movement. His career spans over 25 years of commercial and editorial experience, with particular reference to the places where he has lived most, Milan, Paris, London and Barcelona. His versatile portfolio includes everything from international advertising campaigns to food and lifestyle.

Terri Glanger

Updated 31 December 2020
What a crazy time this has been! Thankfully with the help of conscientious crews and clients I have been able to keep shooting. I live with my husband and two rescue pekingese dogs in an open plan home in Dallas, TX. My office / studio is right off of our kitchen, so it's a great place to accomplish small to medium scale food shoots. I'm available to shoot on location just about anywhere!

Egan Parks

Updated 15 December 2020
I am a fashion & portrait photographer based in Cincinnati, Ohio, living with my partner who is a stylist, set designer, & art director. This has made for a productive year despite the challenges as we take on many roles to continue making images. We have produced work for various brands and agencies in our downtown studio as well as on location while upholding industry standard safety practices.

Michelle McSwain

Updated 14 December 2020
Hunkered down in Los Angeles, CA, you can find me working on still life and lifestyle projects in my mini home studio or sunny backyard. My name is Michelle and I live with my husband, our 1 year old baby, and chihuahua mix pup. My home studio consists of several colored backdrops and studio or natural lighting. For lifestyle, I've got the natural beauty of Cali. I hope to work together!

William DeShazer

Updated 6 December 2020
When COVID-19 hit I quickly set in place safety protocols with myself and my team to ensure commercial shoots could happen. We made sure that our team would be me and one other person. “Lean & Mean” was what we did to ensure safety on set and still execute with precision. Hunter Fan Company and I teamed up during the pandemic to tackle detailed product photography.

Jami Clayman

Updated 4 December 2020
I'm a photographer in Dallas, Texas who lives with my partner and photo assistant, Dave. During the pandemic we have worked with small crews in safe shooting environments to capture lifestyle, fashion and beauty photography. We also work in our home studio creating story driven still life images with cosmetics and accessories.

Darren Setlow

Updated 4 December 2020
I'm near Portland, Maine, living with my wife and two teenage boys. My large two-bay garage easily converts to a studio for small product shoots. Being located on the Maine coast, I also have access to many varied outdoor locations for other kinds of shoots and can put together a team for automotive campaigns.

M. Scott Brauer

Updated 3 December 2020
Recent client work around New England during the pandemic for clients including: MIT, Harvard, the New York Times, NBC News, the Chronicle of Higher Education, Bloomberg Businessweek, the New Yorker, the Atlantic, and others.