Our global network of photographers can provide you with the people, places, props, wardrobe, and styling you need to complete your project, even in these difficult times. Click on any name to see more information about each photographer.

Dhanraj Emanuel

Updated 20 October 2020
Dhanraj Emanuel is a food photographer specializing in clean, timeless, and authentic images that cut through the clutter of communication. He takes a boutique approach, carefully crafting images—whether for big brands such as The Fresh Market, Smithfield Brand, Pure Farmland, or local ones such as Dewey’s Bakery—to make each one iconic and memorable. His work has been featured in publications suc

Nick St. Oegger

Updated 16 October 2020
Being based in Sarajevo means I'm within walking distance or a short drive from some of the most amazing scenery in Europe, which I've spent a lot of time exploring during lockdown. Many restrictions have eased so I've been able to shoot portraits for a local magazine, document the work of Sarajevo's only female coppersmith for an NGO and travel to Albania to shoot a religious festival.

Jamey Guy

Updated 14 October 2020
My name is Jamey Guy, and I'm a lifestyle and portrait photographer based out of Minneapolis, MN. During the quarantine I've taken the opportunity to shoot while traveling in a Travel Trailer building on my Tourism and Travel work.

Dag Larson

Updated 30 September 2020
I am a photographer based in Golden Colorado. Mountains and vast open spaces are my backyard and my biggest asset during quarantine. Not only to be able to get out of the house but also to have a large amount of locations at my disposal. Being a photographer that works in the Outdoor Rec space, only minor adjustments to the crews and how we approach shoots were needed to continue creating.

Bryan Sheffield

Updated 30 September 2020
I am a photographer and producer here at Wonderful Machine. I reside with my happy and adventurous family of wife, children ages 5 & 6, and our dog Bobby 'Big Legs'. I have the ability for safe shooting and remote productions within our home, as well as the surrounding lakes, rivers, and forests of the suburban Philadelphia area.

Daniela Gerson

Updated 10 September 2020
I am a food photographer & stylist and recipe developer with a prop filled studio in Venice, CA. The following images are examples of work I've created (solo) during these restricted conditions. These campaigns were for: Filippo Berio, Earthbound Farms, Wana Brands, Just Date Syrup, Spice Tribe and Grand Bakery Oakland. I can be your entire team and do it all in my studio too!

Matthew Rakola

Updated 10 September 2020
Matthew is based just outside of Washington, D.C. and available to travel. His is one of the most diverse counties in the country, and he has access to many independent and ethnically diverse businesses. He has two boys (3 & 7) and can recruit a wide variety of kids and neighbors of all ages. There are many parks in the region with backdrops ranging from forest and streams to fields and farmland.

Sean Murphy

Updated 10 September 2020
Let our NW Florida resources be your inspiration for potential creative collaboration. After 30 years of global shooting experience based in Los Angeles, it’s great to be back to my roots in Ft Walton Beach, FL. We have built a badass live-work space with a modern industrial vibe & open studio. My team delivers full-service video & stills production for multi-platform campaigns

Matt Carr

Updated 31 August 2020
This is part of my ongoing series for staying creative while staying at home. I art direct the shoot by phone or text, collaborating on a concept that's meaningful and tells a story in the moment. The photos are taken by someone sheltering in place with the subject, then emailed to me and brought to life in Photoshop. This project is a way to test out new ideas and keep things fresh.

Rebecca Peloquin

Updated 28 August 2020
I'm Rebecca, a food, beverage & product photographer based out of Los Angeles. I can shoot product and food, lifestyle or studio based out of the house I share with my husband (avail for hand modeling) and dog. My vintage prop archive + surfaces are available to see on my website. I have a complete studio lighting setup on hand and the ability to communicate in real time during shoots.