Our global network of photographers can provide you with the people, places, props, wardrobe, and styling you need to complete your project, even in these difficult times. Click on any name to see more information about each photographer.

Zoe Rain

Posted 3 July 2020
During Quarantine, I have been working with Cresco Cannabis to concept & execute images for their online and print marketing. Rain Studio has been able to function as an all encompassing Production Studio, in a covid safe way. We have a small crew, and can product anything from high end product photography, lifestyle, portraiture, as well as video and GIF content,

Marcel BoldĂș

Posted 29 June 2020
Marcel BoldĂș is based in Miami, Florida. He created this portfolio project in his studio during quarantine.

Stewart Cohen

Posted 26 June 2020
Welcome to a quick tour of our full-service studio in Dallas TX with remote capabilities. We have a couple of different shooting spaces and each can be fashioned to fit a variety of projects.

Jeff Wojtaszek

Posted 25 June 2020
Hi there! I'm located 40 miles west of Philadelphia, PA with my wife, 3 children and German Shorthaired Pointer on a rural property with great views. We have 1.5+ acres of open grass bordering 5 acres of woods. Modern finished basement open for studio portraits and other production uses. Outdoors you'll find a 1600sqft garden, trampoline, swing set, slack line, fire pit & deck with 18x18 sunshade.

Victoria Wall Harris

Posted 24 June 2020
I've been steadily working safely through quarantine in my Los Angeles photo studio attached to my home. Complete with a full kitchen, prop & surface library I have been working solo and with limited teams of stylists to carry out numerous projects for my clients. I have also started shooting with talent at social distances and with my family. You can see more of my studio on my website.

John Davidson

Posted 23 June 2020
I live in Austin, Texas with my wife and two sons (8 and 6). The first three images featured here were shot at our home. The remaining images were shot in studio for a large youth soccer club that recently changed sponsors from Nike to Adidas, and needed assets for their upcoming kit launch and re-brand. All images feature my boys as models. I am also equipped to shoot food and beverage at home.

Cayla Zahoran

Posted 19 June 2020
I am a food and beverage photographer currently quarantined in Nashville, TN until NYC opens back up. I have been shooting local restaurants by ordering food for delivery and setting up environments at home. I also have been working with a meal delivery service client of mine. I can cook, style, and photograph each of their dishes. I have a variety of props, backgrounds, and a full studio set-up.

Braxton Wilhelmsen

Posted 19 June 2020
I'm a commercial photographer living in Utah, where we are living social distancing standards, but all businesses are open. I have a large network of eager models and location owners willing to work with me. All of this client work was shot during the month of April. I have access to studios, gyms, homes, outdoor scenic locations, etc.

Jayme Burrows

Posted 19 June 2020
I'm quarantining in LA with my partner Justin and dog Bailey (first 2 photos). Bailey looks like a puppy with her hair cut and Justin is in his mid-40s. The following images are a campaign I shot for SiriusXM at my home this month. I am comfortable shooting from my home with one model at a time inside and the models doing their own hair/make up. I have access to a backyard, patio, lots of props.

Matthew Odom

Posted 17 June 2020
I am based in Macon, GA. I recently just have started back shooting. My grandmother stays with me so I have to be extremely careful when I go out and shoot assignments or projects. I have photographed: Portraiture, Industrial, Architectural, and Agriculture. I have PPE and I practice major social distancing while working